Bed Covers For Every Truck

Owning a truck is one of those incredible experiences punctuated with a handful of very frustrating moments. Have you ever had anything stolen out of the bed of your truck? Have you ever had tools, landscaping supplies, or recreational gear damaged by a fast-moving hail storm?

A bed cover is an excellent way to help you keep everything in the back of your truck safer. At LINE-X of Omaha, we offer a number of different truck bed covers that are perfect for every need, as well as LINE-X bed liners and protective coatings, and a number of other essential truck accessories that will make owning a truck the joy that it should be

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While we want to believe that everyone in our neighborhood, at the store, or at the job site are honest people, it isn’t worth risking the loss of expensive tools or other items. A truck bed cover offers security and peace of mind at a great price. Hard bed covers offer the most protection, but even soft covers are likely to deter would-be thieves. Be sure to ask us about our locking options!



There are a variety of bed covers available in different styles and materials:

  • Tonneau covers are fitted across the top of your truck bed. They are low-profile, which means they won’t block your view and come in soft and hard varieties. Tonneau covers are also available in a number of different colors so you can match one with your truck!
  • Shell covers are taller and allow you to haul more gear or tools. They are perfect for people who love the outdoors or who need to carry a lot of tools or materials for work. Get in touch with us to learn more about your hard bed cover options.

Contact us today to learn more about truck bed covers, tonneau covers, and other truck accessories. We are an authorized LINE-X dealer and installer, which means that when you trust our shop to apply a protective coating to the bed of your truck, your boat, trailer, or nearly any other surface, it will last!