As we’ve seen, a ceramic coating added to your car or truck is a protectant. It bonds to your vehicle’s paint, and it won’t wash away. Thus, it is a low-maintenance car or truck accessory that makes your vehicle shine.

LINE-X of Omaha offers the best truck accessories in the area, including clear coatings. They add value to your car and make it look new every day of the year. There’s something to be said to having your car look great, and our technicians are experts at doing just that. Below, we’ll take an in-depth look at the benefits of a ceramic coating for your vehicle. Shop with us today!



The most obvious benefit of ceramic coatings is that they protect your car and its paint. It protects your car’s paint from UV rays, which can dull and fade your paint, prematurely aging your vehicle (much like what the sun does to your skin). Ceramic coatings protect your car from chemical staining from pollution or tainted rain, as well as some road materials used in the winter.


Your car or truck will stay cleaner thanks to a ceramic coating applied by LINE-X of Omaha. The coating repels water, which will not only help water to bead off the surface when it rains, but it will also help mud and grime slide off easily or not stick at all. Contaminants can be removed in a timely manner as well.


Your car’s paint is already somewhat shiny. However, as we’ve seen, the sun’s UV rays can deteriorate this gloss. If you want your car’s gloss to be permanent, you’ll need a ceramic coating. Ceramic coatings enhance what is already applied to your vehicle and it adds to the depth and clarity of the color, keeping it rich and deep to behold.


LINE-X of Omaha offers the best in truck accessories in Nebraska. In addition to ceramic coatings, we offer a whole line of aftermarket truck accessories that will not only have your vehicle looking good, but will give it the functionality you need. We help both individuals and businesses with paint correction, suspension upgrades, vehicle undercoatings, and window tinting. We also offer a whole line of truck gear products, which include camper shells, truck toppers, and step bars, as well as our famous lifestyle products.

A ceramic coating for your vehicle will give it the new car look every day, plus it will protect it against the elements and increase the value of your car. Stop by LINE-X of Omaha today for this great truck accessory!