Your car is likely one of your costliest possessions, after your home. Odds are, you use your car every day, either driving your kids to and fro, driving to work, or just running errands. You rely on it for road trips to national parks and to holiday gatherings at grandma’s house. And you need it to be safe so your family (including your four-legged fur baby) is protected. With so much invested and such an important job to do, you want your car to be protected. Clear bra can be a viable option.

LINE-X of Omaha offers the best clear bra applications for your vehicle. This clear coat of film protects your car’s paint from road debris, bumps and scratches from everyday use, and gives it a nice shine that makes your car look new. In addition, LINE-X of Omaha offers the best truck accessories, LINE-X spray-on bedliners, lifestyle products, fleet accessories, and more. We offer aftermarket truck parts to ensure you can outfit your truck or car just how you want it. Below, we’ll take a brief look at some of the benefits of clear bras. Call our truck accessory store to get started today!


Protects Your Vehicle’s Paint

One of the main benefits of clear bras is that they protect your car’s paint from any environmental hazard. Any time you drive, but especially on the highway, rocks and debris can be kicked up, hit your car, and chip off a piece of paint. This can happen repeatedly. If you have a clear bra protective coating applied, it will absorb the impact of the rock, leaving your paint untouched. Clear bar also protects your car from bird droppings and from road salt. Bird droppings can ruin your paint due to the chemicals inside of them, and road salt that can eat at your car’s paint.

Wards Off Dings & Scratches in Parking Lots

If you admitted it, you’d say that you often hit the car next to you with your car door in parking lots, especially if the spaces are small. Now, if you do that often, then think how often other people do that as well. Having car doors hit your car, cars back into your car, shopping carts run away wildly and ram your car, and having your side mirrors hit as well often causes dents, dings, and scratches that, once there, doesn’t go away. With a clear bra from LINE-X of Omaha, you can protect your car or truck from these minor incidents and keep your paint in pristine condition.

Protects the Value of Your Vehicle

Since your car is probably one of your greatest assets, you want to protect it from wear and tear and preserve its value. After all, it is worth money, and by protecting its value, that’s money that will go straight into your pocket if you decide to sell your car and upgrade or trade it in. The exterior of your vehicle is what people notice first, and if your car has multiple scratches, dents, and dings, it leaves a bad first impression on people and immediately lowers the value of your vehicle in their mind. Clear bras by LINE-X of Omaha will go a long way in protecting the exterior of your car from whatever it comes into contact with.