Owning a Jeep is like owning a piece of Americana. Built for the army, this all-American vehicle stands for everything that America stands for: freedom, versatility, adaptability, and the ability to overcome any obstacle. The Jeep holds a special place in many Americans’ hearts, so it’s no wonder that they continue to be one of the most popular vehicles sold in the United States year-after-year.

Line-X of Omaha loves Jeeps just as much as the next person. We’ve made it our mission to help Jeep owners, truck owners, and the like with the best spray-in bedliners, truck and Jeep accessories, window tintings, vehicle undercoatings, and more. We want to not only protect your vehicle whose job is to protect you, but also to give it the makeover you desire and need so you can explore the open roads easily. Below, we’ll go over some of the best Jeep accessories we offer here at Line-X of Omaha, and we invite you to check out our Jeep store today!

Spray-in Bedliner

We’ll start with the obvious. You’ll need a durable, long-lasting Jeep bedliner for the cargo area of your Jeep. The benefits of a spray-in bedliner are must-haves when you go off-roading, from protecting the bed of your Jeep from scraps and rust to forming a non-skid surface so your cooler and camping gear won’t slide all around. Plus, if something spills, it’s easy to wipe up with no permanent damage or stains to your vehicle. Line-X of Omaha is now offering the latest in spray-in bedliners called the BedRug. Resembling a carpet, this 100% polypropylene bedliner will stand up to any punishment you put it to, yet it’s gentle enough for Fido to lay on for hours. In addition, we can coat the back row of your Jeep to protect against damage, Fido, and baby.

Line-X spray-in bedliners are the world’s best bedliner, offering impact resistance, a non-slip surface, and protection against spills. Easy to install and environmentally-friendly, Line-X of Omaha can install this Jeep Wrangler upgrade quickly. Call today for more information!

Jeep Running Boards And Side Steps

Being able to get in and out of your Jeep easily while you are rock climbing can make the difference in you succeeding or having to back up and try again. Running boards or side steps are great Jeep accessories to have. Besides making it easier for you and the family to get in and out of your Jeep, they are safer as well, especially when your Jeep gets dirty from the stream crossing or mud crawling you’ve been doing. Being able to step up into your vehicle helps to reduce the chances of you falling while getting in and out of your Jeep. Line-X of Omaha offers the best running boards for Jeeps. Call our Jeep store today to learn more.

Tool Box

Jeeps are made for roaming, and when you roam, you need supplies. Supplies, from food containers and tools to sleeping bags and flashlights, come in all different sizes, you’ll need a nice, roomy container to hold and organize them all. Enter the tool box. Tool boxes for Jeeps are sized perfectly to fit and are just roomy enough to keep your off-road equipment and supplies right where you need them. Line-X of Omaha offers many storage Jeep accessory items for your use. Browse online all of our Jeep Wrangler accessories, or visit us in-person today.

Grilles & Bumpers

For off-roading, it’s essential that you have the best in bumper technology to keep your Jeep protected from the brush, rocks, and tree branches that will inevitably be on the trails. When you invest in a front grille and a Jeep front and rear bumper, you’ll be preparing your Jeep for the most extreme off-road terrains. So when you miss the tree branch that jumps out in front of you, your Jeep won’t be the worse for the wear. Line-X of Omaha offers Jeep bumpers, aftermarket parts, and more. Call our Jeep store today for details!

Jeep Winches

Everyone knows that a winch can be a lifesaver when you are off-roading. Despite our best intentions, you often get stuck when you take your Jeep to places that no man, woman, child, dog, cat, or Jeep has been before. When that happens, having a Jeep or a stationary object (many a tree has lent a helping hand) to winch your Jeep in and out of is indispensable. While you can rely on your buddy to have one, having two ensures you’ll be able to get unstuck easily. Jeep winches are durable and reliable, and have saved many hours trying to maneuver out of a sticky situation. Line-X of Omaha has many options for Jeep accessories. Call today to learn more!

Jeep Headlights, Tail Lights, Light Bars & More

With the advent of LED lighting being applied across the board to all types of light fixtures, LED lighting for Jeeps and other vehicles have become incredibly popular. Not only are these Jeep aftermarket parts highly-powerful in terms of the light they emit, but they don’t use a lot of energy and look cool to boot. Now, you can find Jeep lighting options for all parts of your vehicles. These Jeep Wrangler upgrades are reliable, bright, strong, and increase visibility immeasurably. And if you’ve never had a Jeep LED light bar, now is the time. These Jeep accessories will make driving at night as easy as pie, and Line-X of Omaha has just the style you are looking for. Call our Jeep store today to learn more!


Let’s face it, while a bare-bones Jeep will suffice for everyday use, if you are looking to do some serious travelling and off-roading, you’ll need the best Jeep Wrangler Accessories. This is where Line-X of Omaha shines. Our Jeep experts have years of experience in helping our customers outfit their Jeeps so they will be prepared no matter what the trails and Mother Nature throw at them. From the best spray-in truck bedliners to hardy Jeep aftermarket bumpers and versatile Jeep lighting options, we’ve got your Jeep aftermarket part needs covered.

Line-X is known for making the world’s best truck bedliners. Our spray-on bedliner permanently bonds to your truck or Jeep’s bed that adheres to every curve so no space is lost. Every gap is filled so you won’t have to worry about any substance getting underneath it. Spray-on bedliners help to dampen road noise and give you a rattle-free ride. These best Jeep aftermarket accessories are chemical-resistant, holding its own against gasoline spills and oil splashes. Once applied, these spray-on bedliners are ready for rugged use within 24 hours, so if you are planning a trip for Saturday, you can bring it in on Friday and be good to go.

Line-X of Omaha is known for our stellar customer service, attention to detail on our truck accessory installation, and our speed and efficiency in getting your Jeep, truck, or car back to you. Contact our Jeep shop today!