LINE-X of Omaha promises to offer you service with a smile. We are passionate about outfitting your truck, car, or van exactly how you want it. If you spend a lot of time in your vehicle, you want it to be comfortable, and when you go on weekend trips camping or riding, you want to be sure you don’t forget anything important. With our truck gear products, you can’t go wrong. We can protect your truck and your ATVs, golf cart, and boats with our protective coatings. Our floor liners keep the elements at bay, and our truck bed covers protect all of your valuables while in transit. Our step bars will give you a leg up, our tool boxes will keep your tools organized, and our truck lighting will help you see better at night. 

LINE-X of Omaha is constantly adding new products and services, such as our RidgeLander Truck Bed Cover, our Kargo Master for your work vehicle, our GRID Off-Road Wheels, and our Nano paint sealant, in order to both serve your needs and offer you the best selection. Our expert team can’t wait to outfit your truck, car, or minivan for your weekend adventures on the trails, the lake, or in the mountains. Call our truck accessory shop today!