Protect Your Car or Truck From Rust

For many working professionals, their vehicle is an essential part of the toolkit. While you may take excellent care of your work truck, years of use on the road and on the job site can begin to take its toll. Many Nebraska drivers notice the negative effects of government’s de-icing products, mainly magnesium chloride. This road salt is ideal for keeping ice from forming on asphalt and dirt roadways, but at the cost of your vehicle’s protective coating.

If you’ve struggled with that stubborn white film on your vehicle after a blizzard, then you understand how problematic mag chloride can be. This residue can become corrosive at humidity rates below 25%, creating a serious concern for rust and corrosion for many drivers who spend their hours on the road.

Trust LINE-X of Omaha and ValuGard

Our LINE-X sprays have protected Omaha vehicles for years, cladding the vehicle’s exterior in a tough polyurea coating that keeps moisture and corrosion away. When it comes to the bottom of your vehicle, we have a comprehensive solution. LINE-X of Omaha is now an authorized ValuGard retailer, providing the undercoating services needed for complete peace of mind for whatever the road throws your way.

Contact us today to learn about our protective coating systems, and be sure to fill out the form below for assistance. We look forward to serving you!