Beyond just looking cool, there are many benefits to window tinting that you should consider. LINE-X of Omaha is an official dealer for LINE-X truck bed liners, which are consistently rated the best in the industry. Durable and long-lasting, a truck bed liner protects your truck from adverse wear and tear from use. We also offer a wide variety of services for your vehicle, including ceramic coatings, clear bras, fleet services, and window tinting. If you are looking for the best aftermarket truck accessories, give our truck accessory shop a call today!


Aesthetics & Privacy

Many people love the darker look of tinted windows for their car. It lends an air of mystique, and depending on what color of vehicle you are driving, it can complement it perfectly. In addition, since most of us treat our vehicles as an extension of ourselves and our homes, we do a lot of activities in our cars, from eating and drinking to surfing the internet (while someone else is driving) and playing movies for the kids. It’s nice to know that others on the road aren’t watching you. Plus, it’s harder for thieves to see inside your vehicle when parked.

Blocks Harmful UV Rays

As you probably know, your vehicle can become incredibly hot in the summer from the sun streaming in. When you invest in window tinting services from LINE-X of Omaha, your tinted windows can block up to 99% of the UV radiation streaming in. Not only does this help to keep your car cooler in the hot Midwest summers, but it also protects your skin from harmful UV exposure. Furthermore, window tinting will help protect your vehicle’s interior from fading due to the sun’s UV rays.

Offers Better Protection in an Accident

When you get in a car accident, windows often shatter and then the glass can be thrown through your vehicle, hitting people and causing severe lacerations and cuts. With window tinting, a thin film is placed on your vehicle’s windows, which then help to hold the glass in place upon impact. Odds are, if the force is great enough, they will still shatter. However, you will be safe from flying glass. With a window film in place, it’s also harder for you to be ejected from a car, which is one of the highest causes of injuries, with a window film in place. Also, if a thief tries to break your car’s window, it will be much harder for them to gain entry with tinted glass windows.


LINE-X of Omaha offers a wide selection of truck accessories to meet your needs. From our top-rated LINE-X truck bed liners to clear bras, suspension upgrades, truck toppers, camper shells, and vehicle undercoatings, we’ve got your needs covered. We offer financing as well so you can enjoy your weekend time to the fullest. Upgrading your truck allows for superior performance and comfort. Since you spend so much time in your vehicle, you deserve it.

Upgrade With Window Tint Today

Save yourself the maintenance expenses and the headache of replacing your car’s fabric interior. Keep the interior of your car cooler by adding a layer of UV-blocking protection to your windows. Tinted windows will also protect vinyl dashboards, plastic components, leather seats, all while maintaining the look and feel of your ride.

Your Window Tint Professionals

Our LINE-X team of professional window tint installers is equipped to outfit your vehicle. With over 35 years of experience under our hood, you can count on us for your next window tint project! Contact us today to learn about our complete line-up of truck and vehicle services, and be sure to fill out our form for prompt assistance. We look forward to serving you!